Sync multiple profiles

I am trying to setup Brave so I have a personal and work profile. I have my personal (default) profile setup and on a sync chain with my work laptop, personal laptop and mobile.

When I add a work profile it looks like it needs a separate sync chain? if I add it to the existing chain I think it will simply sync all the favourites etc. from my personal profile into my work one which isn’t what I am looking to do… correct me if I am wrong?

Yes. Both browsers data will be synced to both profiles.

if you don’t want that to happen, then why add it to the same sync chain in the first place?

anyway, I don’t know if you are aware, but you can choose what to sync in every device

Well, what I would prefer to happen is as follows:

  1. I add a new ‘work’ profile to Brave
  2. I import all my bookmarks etc. from my work profile on Edge (or Chrome as Edge doesn’t seem to support importing all the data I need - only bookmarks)
  3. That all participates in the same sync chain already in place

In other words - why can’t the sync include additional profiles. It seems to me the way I would now need to do it is:

  1. Add a new ‘work’ profile
  2. Import the bookmarks etc.
  3. Create a new sync chain just for my ‘work’ profile
  4. Add that profile to my other devices and use that sync chain thus requiring I maintain two sync chains

…seems like extra effort, unless I am missing something logical here?

so… what you want is that your “work profile” gets synced between your different devices? or I got it wrong?

correct. that’s what I am looking to achieve.

I think that’s not possible at the moment, but you can request it in the feature request section maybe it gets implented some day