Copy data (settings, extensions…) between profiles (+ sync)

TL;DR: Ability to copy data from one profile to another + manual/auto sync.
Data = settings, extensions, bookmarks, search engines…


Creating different profiles is great to have different working environments/contexts. So each profile must have its own data, settings, extensions, etc.

That said, there are many things that are specific to me, to my personal preferences and needs. Therefore, there are different things that I’ve to install, configure and keep in sync between different profiles. This is annoying and time consuming.


I would love to be able to copy some data from one profile to another. In some cases, I also want to be able to sync them; manually or automatically. (there could be some kind of inheritance mechanism)

Data: settings, extensions, bookmarks, search engines.


  1. Open the “Sync Profiles” feature.
  2. Select the profiles you want to work with/on.
  3. Select the types of data you want to copy/sync.
  4. Loop over each type of data, showing a table “↓data items / profiles→”.
  5. For each data item:
    5.1. Select the “source” profile (i.e. source cell).
    5.2. For each “destination” profile, you select “copy” or “keep in sync”.

There should be ways to perform bulk actions. Like selecting multiple data items, and a “copy to all” action.

I guess keeping data in sync can be a coding nightmare, so we could just save that as a recipe/macro we can manually run later.

I would suggest making the feature request more tightly scoped and upvote an existing one with decent activity on it. FWIW.