Brave Browser Accounts

Please give us an account sign on so we can separate profiles that have separate bookmarks. I do not need to see my work bookmarks combined with my personals, as the current sync does. Profile Accounts make it easier for on-the-fly logins, for example, if you want to work at home you can log into your work profile etc etc.

This gets a little problematic when you realize brave uses the Blockchain to sync your bookmarks. The reason Google is able to have an “account” is because they use a server to hold all of your information. If you want to sets of bookmarks just start two separate sync chains.

How do I setup 2 sync chains? I have my PC and mobile phone which have my personal booksmarks, and my work stuff on my laptop. But I like to login to my work account from my PC when I am home. How can I make this work?

When you enter the sync page, click on the option to add another device. Write down the recovery phrase or copy/save the qr code (both for good measure) then for the device you don’t want in your personal bookmarks exit the chain. When you do this you’ll be able to start a new chain. Copythe phrase and QR for this also. Now you have a personal chain and a work chain.

This method did not work.
I entered sync on my personal. Then entered the code on my laptop and synced the 2 accounts.
I then exited the chain, and tried to paste the code in. It does not take because the other machine needs to be in sync mode as well. The second machine also creates a new and completely different code. Basically, Once you leave the chain, it terminates the chain and any codes/qr codes assigned with it.
So this method of creating 2 chains is not going to work.
Unfortunately, unless they offer a better way to handle multiple profiles, I am going to have to hold off on Brave. ITs a bummer because I really like it, but its very important that I have access to both of my sets of bookmarks, and not mix the 2 together.

I am going to leave this post here, since it is a Desktop Request!