Sync mobile with desktop

I am using Brave on my desktop and in my mobile phone ( IOS).Everything is working fine except the sync with the wallet. Brave desktop is showing me the balanc and the balance update after earn BAT, unfortunately on my iPhone the wallet is displaying zero always, I received many ads but the balance is always zero.
I’ve checked the sync and everything is fine.
What can I do? Seems I’m not receiving nothing from the adv rewards.

Sync is only synced your bookmarks across devices. That’s why you don’t see your BAT on iOS and vice versa.

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I had the same issue on Android. I stopped using it because after six days of receiving ads my balance was still zero so it became more of an annoyance than anything else.

We distribute BAT grants on a monthly basis, so you will receive your full payments, they just aren’t added in realtime. Desktop is the same way but they have more recently added a “Estimated pending rewards”. The mobile platforms just don’t provide this info yet.

But rest assured, you will receive your BAT :slightly_smiling_face:

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