Problem with the brave rewards

as shown in the first picture showing my wallet balance as 1.2 bat but when i wanted to donate it is wallet balance is 0.

That’s “estimated” BAT that you will receive on 5th, next month. So it’s not yet on your brave://rewards wallet.

How to sync both mobile wallet and PC wallet

Good question. Uphold acct only shows balance on Desktop wallet and not my mobile. In my settings sync menu on the Desktop it has got both my devices showing, and the boookmarks are synced just fine, but the wallet balances stay different at all times. :frowning:

Same issue. If they add login feature in browser it will be fine, syncing up the bookmark in brave is very tedious and complex.

Hello I have a verified account with Brave and Uphold. Never had any issues but at the moment I have a tip of 10 BAT not showing for my youtube account and a tip of 5 BAT not showing for my twitter account. Do I need to put a support ticket in or report a glitch? Or is the system behind? @eljuno ?

@phanendraguptha @Crooklyncat619 for now it’s separated wallets. Brave Sync is currently only sync your bookmarks. Wallet sync is in the plan.

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@eljuno Can you help with this matter?

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