Does Brave Rewards Desktop sync with Brave Rewards mobile?

I have been using Brave on my laptop for about a month now. I just installed Brave on mobile and I’m curious about how Brave Rewards works between the Desktop Brave version and Mobile.

  • On the Desktop version I had to sign up for Uphold to get Tab. So I have accounts for those. On the mobile version will I eventually be able to log into those accounts as well?

  • Will my Desktop BAT amount ever be linked to my mobile browser? Or will they always be based on the device I am using?

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Hi @vaneger2, Welcome to Community!

Connecting your wallet to Uphold will link the balance but not pending rewards - those stay individual per device/wallet.

Also, you can not connect your mobile wallet with Uphold until you have a balance of 25 BAT.

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Thanks I appreciate the clarity around that.

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