My BAT not showing in Mobile browser

I am using brave browser on Desktop and Mobile and two days ago my both devices balance were zero (0) but after 24 hours my desktop browser balance was again showing in available BAT but my Mobile balance is still not showing in Available balance it was about more then 10 BAT and then it was reset to about 2 BAT and still i didn’t get any BAT it shoes zero (0)

I already updated my mobile browser but still same issue

Description of the issue:

**Expected result: ( Please ADD my BAT to my mobile browser )

**Brave Version( 1.7.102)

**Mobile Device details (Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite)

See May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors

yes I read it but there is not any specific time frame
in how much time we will get our earned BAT or we will get or not ???

Then you may missed this part :point_down:

One exception that impacts less than 5% of Ads Rewards users;
For the users that tried to claim Ads earnings very early last night, they will need to get a software upgrade for their browsers before the claiming of Ads Rewards will happen.
Timing for such an upgrade:

We will post as soon as we have that and the work has already begun cross-platform to make it available.

You will get yours. The only thing that you need to do for now is: wait. Until the team release a new version.

Thanks for your patience!

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waiting for their updates

If its Android, auto-fix will be applied in next version of app. Otherwise see this thread:

Specifically this part:

If you didn’t get paid, and none of the above apply to you email us

  1. the estimated balance you were expecting and
  2. your brave://rewards-internals data to


PS. And check the 2nd thread too:

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