How to transfer BAT to wallet and syncing issues

I’ve been using Brave for several months now and had accumulated a lot of BAT. I recently set up my wallet and cannot figure out how to transfer my BAT there. I have 3 devices that are synced, but my BAT does not sync and each device shows a different amount in the browser. Recently I had to replace a hard drive on one of those devices and now all of the BAT I earned no longer shows up in the browser on that device even though I have sync’d my devices. Is there a way to recover the BAT that I had already earned if it was not in a wallet? And if my devices are synced, should my BAT rewards be syncing too?

Thank you again for your patience.
It appears that the reason you’re unable to transfer your BAT from your iOS device to your desktop is due to the fact that Rewards was enabled/your iOS wallet was created after the December 15th 2020 cutoff date, as described here:

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