Brave desktop (macOS) wallet reward not syncing with brave mobile (ios) wallet?

I’m using a brave mobile (ios) version and can see I earned 20 BAT and on the desktop version (macOS) I earned 1 BAT rewards. The payout date is supposed to be on Dec 5. I recently verified my wallet on uphold thru my desktop brave version though on mobile I could only locate wallet creation date which is Nov 13, 2019 and nothing else. Please help me where I can locate my brave wallet address and will I be receiving 21 BAT in my wallet or different number.

I’m having the same problem trying to synchronize my wallet across all devices. It has worked on my home and work computer, but not on the iOS device. I guess we have to wait for an app update before we can synchronize the wallet from the iOS device.

I’m already on brave SYNC chain but still rewards doesn’t sync.

Browser-sync and wallet-sync are two entirely different things. And as of now, I believe, we cannot sync wallet in the iOS app.

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