Sync history seems inconsistent

I cannot follow the sync of history between my browsers. Sometimes I see things appear in the history from one system to another; sometimes I never see an entry appear.

For example, I am looking at the history pages in Brave on my desktop (Windows 10) and Brave on my laptop (Ubuntu 21.10). Both history pages were just opened so I would assume they would be sync’d or nearly so. (But, just in case, I let them set a few seconds and then refreshed both.) It is now 3:02 PM local time. On my desktop, I see an entry from 2:34pm “Arch: Add wireless_tools…” But a search in history on my laptop doesn’t contain that entry.

Maybe I just don’t understand what it is doing but it appears very inconsistent with what gets sync’d and what does not.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Brave on computer ‘A’ and on computer ‘B’
  2. Open history pages on both.
  3. Do not go to any other pages, just wait a few seconds to allow sync to happen and then refresh both pages.
  4. Locate an entry from earlier in the day on computer ‘A’ and then search in the history on computer ‘B’ for that entry.

Constant issue; have seen erratic history sync between systems. Doesn’t appear to matter whether what OS – see my list of systems using Brave.

Version 1.36.111 Chromium: 99.0.4844.51 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Samsung S10+ Android 12 (one system)
Windows 10 Pro (two systems)
Windows 10 Home (one system)
Ubuntu (one system)

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Same issue here. Would love it if this was addressed. Great browser, but this issue is a massive let down and has been for a while.

I’ve already had this discussion with various people from Brave. Overall they say sync only works to provide typed history, not everything. For example, if you go to Google and type in Microsoft and then click it to go to, it won’t show up in your History for Sync. However, if you went to the URL/Address bar and type in and go to the site, it will.

Clicking links, opening from Bookmark, or anything else won’t tend to sync between devices. This is something they are trying to figure out and are working on. But typed URL have a much higher likelihood of appearing in History, though isn’t 100% from my own experiences. Are you able to confirm if this is the issue you’re having?

@Saoiray To be clear: That is exactly and only the type of syncing I’m talking about. I would not expect it to sync from another browser. I only use Brave and I always search from the Brave address bar. I’m not aware of any other option to search in Brave. If bookmarks are sync’d (and they are in my settings), they do appear in all sessions on all systems.

I’m specifically talking ONLY about syncing history, as noted in the original post.