Sync v2 doesn't sync new history across devices

I set up Brave today across my laptop, android and desktop. Everything seems to work fine, except for the browsing history. Not every adress I visited from the laptop appears on the other two, and vice versa. And the new adresses I visit after the sync don’t appear at all on the other devices. Is there a solution to this problem?


I just posted about this exact problem. Did they even check this basic feature before moving to sync v2?!

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@yuenster I have no idea… but at some point they should be checking (at least periodically)

I think it’s a limitation that Brave inherited from Chrome. This problem is present in Vivaldi as well (not sure about Opera or Chromium Edge).

When syncing is done with a PassPhrase instead of a Google Account, you only get to sync histories which have been typed explicitly into the URL Address bar.

Any histories that are due to redirects or clicked links, won’t appear.

Personally, I think syncing of all History is a necessity. Everyone’s using multiple devices in this day and age, and it is imperative that I can rediscover any sites I found while using my tablet on the sofa, my phone during lunch, and my desktop in office.



Brave also makes mention of this in their FAQ.

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Oh, no. That is terrible news. I’d come back to Brave, having heard Sync had been rewritten.

So Brave will sync a typed URL bar search query like “antelope migration patterns at DuckDuckGo”, but not any of the pages I opened or the links I clicked.

They did specifically write:

When History is synced, you are essentially syncing typed URLs entered after both devices are added to the same Sync chain.

That’s a no from me, dawg. A genuine shame: I’ll return in 2021 or 2022 to see if anything’s changed. Sorry to see history sync turning into a years-long project.

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You’re right about the issue in Brave, and it’s exactly the same in Opera. Chrome, on the other hand, syncs all pages, and I think syncs more quickly than Brave or Opera.