Brave is syncing with mobile but mutual history not showing

AM i missing an option somewhere?
Have sync of everything enabled, just can’t see history from Android phone to desktop and from desktop to mobile.

Sync history is not full history. It’s typed history only. So make sure you’re recognizing that for your expectations. But other thing is do you have them both marked as being able to share history with each other in their sync settings? If one has it but other doesn’t, then they won’t sync.

Enable this on your phone and PC for smooth sync of history.


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Looks like it’s still “experimental”.
Tried with Windows, Linux and Android - none showed the others’ history.
Maybe they’ll show up tomorrow?

For some reason, sync on Linux had not been set yet - oversight?
And Android not set sync all (yikes!)
Maybe it’s all the excessive heat these days?
Anyhow, things are running now just as expected, thanks! :slight_smile:

(funny how i can scroll open tabs on Linux but not on Windows).

Why won’t my data Sync on my Android device?

Sync v2 on Android respects the system-wide option “Automatically sync data”, so if you found that Brave Sync v2 does not work on your Android device, you should ensure that system option is in the position on. The location of that option depends on device manufacturer, but you may find it in:

  • System settings --> Accounts --> Automatically Sync Data
  • System settings --> Accounts and backup --> Accounts --> Auto Sync Data
  • System settings --> Cloud and accounts --> Accounts --> Auto Sync Data

In order to sync v2 work on Android it is required to turn that option on.

Also, did you enable History sync in Both devices?

You can go to brave://sync-internals in Desktop and make sure it is synching, or there are errors or something, you use the Sync Node Browser to see what’s been exactly sent to the server.
So until you don’t use that on Desktop (Android doesn’t have support for that page anymore, I think) then you can’t really troubleshoot much.

Also you can enable brave://flags/#brave-sync-history-diagnostics to see how things will sync.

History sync is completely 1:1, you delete something, it gets deleted everywhere, you clear history in a device every history gets cleared.

You also have to enable it in both sides, you can’t just Enable History in desktop and expect it to work in Mobile.

Since sync will send text, it either works or not, and when it doesn’t work it is a network error or something with authentication and all that.
Once the information is sent to the server, well, every device will get it, so obviously the one where the flag was turned on first will get the priority as the first device sending the full history information to Brave AWS Servers.

Also, Windows has a flag to scroll tabs, brave://flags/#scrollable-tabstrip also there is:
But I wouldn’t recommend it to enable that when you are using Vertical tabs which already scrolls the tabs up and down. So not funny, just not enabled by default, also knowing Linux users get a worst experience because of 1000 reasons but in Brave, apparently nobody likes to use Nightly and then report the bugs before they reach Stable, I would take Windows over any other platform just because there are people like me bugging the devs about bugs and crashes and problems.

Thank you, appreciate your input! :wink:

Having been a long time Firefox and then part-time Vivaldi user… takes time to really get into all Brave can do.