Sync chain problem - iPhone >< iPad - no option to add QR code

When I try to create sync chain, i select the Sync Help Center tells me to get the QR code from my iPhone.
Next, I’m supposed to select Settings > Sync > …then the Help Center says
that there is an option to select “I have a QR code” and to take a picture on my iPad (from the iPhone QR).
Where is that option?
My Settings > Sync > and it doesn’t HAVE any options except to “add a new device”.
and it starts all over again.
It again asks me if I want to “add a new device” on my iPad!

I really want to know where the option for ADDING a the iPhone’s QR code or phrase code is. Or isn’t as the case may be.

I’ve retried this NUMEROUS TIMES as described in the Help Center, and I just can’t get the option to ADD A QR CODE or a CODE PHRASE to either the iPhone OR the iPad.

I’m just not sure if it’s an iOS problem (the FAQs said something about that in v2) or if I’m just messing it up.

I tried with the code phrases, too, but I never got past Settings > Sync to tell it I had a phrase. Seems to be the same problem I have with the QR codes.

Brave Browser
Version 1.37 (22.4.6)
BraveCore 1.37.108
Device iPhone 12.1 (iOS 15.4.1)
iPadPro 9 2021/2022 (iOS 15.5)

Thanks in advance.


Some of the following instructions - are a little out-of-date - a few phrases and screenshots - but in order to try and get some clarity for Brave Sync users:

Create Sync Chain (Desktop)

When a Sync “chain” is created, any device that is on that chain will be synchronized and share the same data, such as bookmarks, open tabs, browsing history and more. To start using Brave Sync:

  1. Select Menu icon_MM.png → Brave Sync.
  • NOTE: Using Brave Browser desktop versions, the I have a Sync Code button may be found by using a Brave Browser > New Window, and going to: brave://settings/braveSync/setup - where you also can Start a new Sync Chain:

  1. Select Start a new sync chain .

  2. Choose your other mobile device (Phone/Tablet) or Computer to begin the Sync chain.

Sync Your Data - Desktop to Mobile

[When you take step 3. Choose your other mobile device . . . preceding, the illustration (or very similar) that follows, will be displayed.]

When Syncing your desktop browser with mobile devices, you will be presented with a Sync Code in the form of a QR code [on your desktop browser, in this example] that you can scan with your mobile device camera [in order] to begin the Sync chain. You may also enter the Sync Code manually [that ‘Sync Code’ now refers to a 24-word-count phrase].

[Re the following illustration, ‘Brave Sync’ is now simply ‘Sync’ in mobile device Settings. The ‘Scan Sync Code’ button in the illustration, refers now to a ‘Scan or enter sync code’ button.]

  1. Open Brave Browser on your mobile device and go to Settings → Sync.

  2. Select Scan or enter your sync code.

  3. Once you scan the Sync Code , please wait as we connect your devices via Sync Chain. Select ‘OK’ or the ‘X’ close button. You will be taken back to the main Brave Sync page with your devices in the sync chain listed.

[Steps 2 to 3: You may enter the 24 word Sync Code manually, or use your mobile device in order to scan the QR code that is displayed in the Brave Browser window of your desktop device.]

To start a Sync Chain from Brave Browser on your iOS device:

  1. Open the Menu, go to Settings → Other Settings → Sync .
  1. Select Start a new Sync Chain to add a new mobile device or computer to the newly created Chain. [The following illustration, is of 3 iPhone screenshots that are situated alongside each other. The middle screenshot shows the I have a Sync Code button. ‘Sync (beta)’ is now, ‘Sync’.]


  1. You will be shown a QR code to scan when adding mobile devices, or a word code when adding a computer.

  1. Once you enter the Sync Chain Code, please wait as we connect your devices via Sync Chain. Select ‘OK’ or the ‘X’ close button. You will be returned to the main Brave Sync page with your devices in the sync chain listed. [iPhone screenshot:]

Desktop version - illustration - of a Sync Chain:

How to remove devices via mobile UI - click on Trash can icon - (screenshot @Frankguy):

Detailed instructions by @Mattches, for setting up a Sync Chain between Brave Browser Desktop and Brave Browser Android:

And, re the sometimes elusive I have a sync code button:

And, some help with the ‘Scan Sync Code’ button that is now ‘Scan or Add Sync code’:

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I am experiencing this issue as well times past 7 days. I also notice despite having a device setup it still does not execute the sync. Firefox seems to be more efficient and reliable. I am however concerned about their overall security as they’ve more closely aligned with google as has DDG. So I’ve been using both Brave & Swisscows.

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Latest Brave Browser for iOS is v1.38 (

IF you have a computer that is part of your Sync Chain: May interest - in a New Window, go to: brave://sync-internals/


Do you happen to know, where the instructions, above, need fixing? Thanks in advance.

IF you have an updated screenshot of what an iPhone user sees, I’ll add that. Also, thanks in advance.

Sorry I don’t. I don’t use sync with other devices. General steps as I understand them below. Are the same options available in iPad - iPhone? They should be from my understanding. Posted a link to a post by Mattches saying the same. And I do think the Help Center topic is very confusing, can’t tell if it is outdated (though I think it probably is) because was so confusing! lol

  1. 1st Device

    • Create sync chain
    • click add device
    • Select tablet/phone
    • QR code displays (or view sync code for text)
  2. 2nd Device

    • Select “I have a Sync Code”
    • Use camera to scan QR code displayed on 1st device (or enter sync code text)

Hope this helps.

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sync is not working between ios devices as described here.

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My sync STILL doesn’t work.

I’ve repeatedly followed all the advice/instructions listed here under my initial post.

What is the point of offering to SYNC devices and then not having the slightest clue how to include the executable to complete it?

All you need is a “I have a QR code” or “I have a sync code”.
I’m no programmer, but how hard could it possibly be?

It can’t be any harder than trying for MONTHS just to create a Sync Chain, that’s for sure.

I’m losing faith in the whole Brave platform.
No synching.
Restricted searches.
I added a new search engine (FreeSpoke) and was able to use it ONCE.
It’s listed under “alternate” search, but I can’t get to it.
Won’t load sites (and others - just a blank page instead).

This is BEYOND frustrating.

Does anyone from Brave ever READ THESE???

One day I encountered an error when trying to sync my iPhone with my computer. I got the following message, "Unable to sync iPhone.

I have been going round in ever decreasing circles trying to sync iPhone, iPad and desktop PC and was stumped every time by the lack of the “Scan Sync Code” option.

I was in the process of posting about this when saw the solution in a suggested post and wonder why this is not emphasised in the Help Topics on Syncing …. unless of course I have missed it.

The Solution is that you first delete the sync chain existing on the other devices you want to sync to the main one. Then the option to scan the sync code miraculously appears. :partying_face: