Syncing settings only one way on each device

My apologies if this has already been posted elsewhere. I have searched before I couldn’t find anything similar related to my topic.

I’m using Brave Browser on iPhone 11 (iOS 15.2) and desktop PC (Ubuntu Linux 20.04, without Snap).

I cannot sync both devices because in the settings of each browser version I only find options to show the code for the sync chain or to show the QR code. I do not have the option on any browser version to actually paste in the sync chain or to open the camera within the browser to scan any QR code within the sync settings. Though the support and help pages would tell something else, in the current browser versions there are no such options.

Syncing has thus become impossible because the settings only offer one way each.

I’ve made sure to update Brave Browser on both devices but there’s still no chance to insert any sync chain or scan QR codes.

Any ideas or news when the Syncing settings will return?

Greets, Joe

Seems like both devices is already in it’s own sync chain.

To “undo” this you’ll need to “Leave sync chain” from one of your device.

The button to enter the code is only available on the setup page.

This is a set-up page on Android for example with “Scan” button.

Thank you so much for your reply, but it did not work.

The error message says that connection to sync chain isn’t possible and I need to check if the spelling of the code is correct. In fact, I had completely copied and pasted the whole cord into that space and double checked it afterwards.

I have disconnected both devices from each of their sync chains and try to connect both of them together again.

On my iPhone I both tried scanning the QR code of the settings in the desktop browser and tried to insert the code for the sync chain in the settings of the iPhone app. None of that works, in each case while trying to connect the process keeps on pending (see screenshots).

The whole issue was confusing because for months both devices have been connected without any problems. I only noticed by chance since the last update of the iPhone app (on 12/01/2022) that both devices are not connected to each other anymore.

Greets, Joe

I now tried to sync the opposite direction by copying the sync code from the iPhone and pasting it into the settings space of the desktop browser. That was excepted but the Syncing procedure doesn’t start. The iPhone app is still without sync chain and the desktop browser doesn’t show the iPhone app as part of the sync chain.

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