Syncing problems

Could anybody help to give me the right info about how to sync my iphone and ipad??
All instructions I get from Brave do not work. I go round and round in circles.
There’s no way to scan the QR code that appears on my desktop.
This is really a nuisance…what a pitty Brave that this syncing issue is still not solved…maybe moving back then to FireFox…

Hello @Johanan , for setting up sync, Brave have an article for this which is easy to follow IMHO, CMIIW.

IMHO, it’s easy to set-up sync.

  1. You create a sync chain from your main device — click/tap “Create new sync chain”,

  2. To add 2nd/3rd/x device/s, you simply need to scan/manually enter the sync code from your main device — you need to tap “I have a sync code” so it doesn’t create new, separate sync chain.

So, this button is only available on a sync set-up page.

You’ll need to leave sync chain on your iPhone and iPad to reset the sync chain on that devices.

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I set up sync a few hours ago on 2 Android devices and 3 Windows computers. All Brave installations are up to date and and all 5 devices show in the chain. Yet nothing has synced. How long does syncing take?

@Avignon Have you selected Sync All or checked off the things you want to Sync on each device? If you tell the Desktop to sync passwords but you don’t do that on others, then they won’t sync. Make sure you go back to your Sync menu and make sure you have it marked on each.

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Thanks - I had set them all to ‘sync everything’, but when I went back to double check that I had done so, I discovered that one of the Surfaces was no longer set to sync at all and was no longer in the chain. Odd because it was the device that I first set up and was the device that generated the code. I pasted in its own code and voilà - all devices now are synced.

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