Sync Settings Not Matching Instructions

I am trying to sync an iPhone, an iMac and a Lenovo laptop. Instructions say I should see in Brave settings “I have a Sync Code” but this does not exist anywhere. I have clicked every option in all 3 devices to see if I can add the password with no luck. There is no obvious way to add my code or QR. Please advise.

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Same thing for me. I use Windows 10 and Samsung Android. Both run Brave but track separately. Each location shows a word-code and QR code, but they are passive. Neither side can accept the code from the other. It’s ridiculous.

Again, I use Windows 10 and Samsung Android A50. In this example, I use desktop in Sync window. Brave says to “add new device” and I click on “phone/tablet.” The window pops up, instructing me to “use phone to scan QR code.” I do this, trying both phone and both QR apps. I receive a note on screen saying “there aren’t any apps on your phone which can use this QR code.” I have a one year old Samsung A50 2 QR apps, all of which work fine. So, what’s the problem? Is there a special camera or QR app to use with Brave?

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I wanted to sync my desktop imac and my iphone. Each device showed its own name in the sync device list but no option to scan a QR code to add a new device. I deleted the sync on my iphone then created a “New” Sync list … presto the camera showed up to scan the QR code on my desktop imac.

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