Unable to sync between iOS devices

I have Brave installed on both my iPad and iPhone. When I try to sync one with the other using QR Code, it sends me to a list of websites on Safari. I only use Firefox and Brave for security reasons. If I use Code Words, I don’t see “I have a Sync Code” on my other device. I have tried syncing both ways (iPad to iPhone and vice versa) with the same result. I am at a loss at this point as to how to proceed. I have the latest version of Brave installed on both devices (Version 1.27.1 (

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Can you provide a screenshot of what you are seeing?

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Any feedback on the screenshots I sent to you?

Apologies for getting back to you.

Would you happen to have any devices connected to your sync chain?
Try this troubleshoot:

  1. Remove all devices from sync
  2. Go back to sync on iPad
  3. Click “start sync chain” on your iPad
  4. On your iphone, open sync
  5. Click “I have sync code”
  6. The camera will pop up and you can scan the QR code (or code words) on your iPad to start the sync