Can't sync brave on mac with my iphone

I’m trying to sync brave between my mac and iphone. But there is no option on scan a code. Steps to reproduce:

Step1: I go to “add a new device” on under settings/sync on my mac and select the option for “phone/tablet”. This generates a QR code. The instructions on the QR Code popup reads:

“On your mobile device, navigate to Brave Sync in the Settings panel and click the button “Scan Sync Code”. Use your camera to scan the QR Code below.”

Step 2: I go to my iphone brave settings/sync, but there is no option to scan sync code. The only option is to “add a device”, which only allows me to select a type of device to create a code.

Brave iMac Version: Version 1.44.105 Chromium: 106.0.5249.91 (Official Build)
Brave iOS version: 1.43 (
MacOS version: 10.14.6
iPhone version: XR


See if the above helps in any way

I’ve been saying this for a while. No option to scan. No option to type in a code. Bump.


@apachewolf I’m going to respond back to your prior post. I lose track of things if people don’t tag me on things. So I know we were trying to get answers and I tagged Michal, but then he never responded. I’ll see about trying to get Mattches or others over. But wanting to try to keep topics separate. (I’m still wondering if iPhone 6 somehow has something to do with it)

When trying to sync my Mac with my iPad, the iPad dose not show the option to “Scan Sync Code”.

@tljbrv are you still having issues or did you get it resolved?

Just to be clear, when you see add a device it means it is already in a sync chain. Otherwise it would show you option to either Start sync chain or I have a sync code (or something like that)

So what you’ll need to do is remove one of the devices from the sync chain. If on iPhone, then when you go to Sync you should see a device name (This Device) listed. You can click that and then Remove Device or you can instead hit the little gear icon on the top right which will open Sync Internals. If you look through Sync Internals, you’ll see a button you can push that says Disable Sync (Clear Data). You will click that. Either one should remove the iPhone from a sync chain.

Now when you exit everything and go back to Sync, you should see the options I mentioned earlier, to either start a chain or to scan. DO NOT hit Start Sync Chain.

@JaySan14 really best to try to create your own topic. When we get multiple people on one topic, it can be a bit confusing on information given/shared. That said, can you double check what I’m saying here as well. I believe both you and the OP may be having the same issue.

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This syncing issue is by far and away the most ridiculous blunder by Brave. All I want to do is to sync Brave to my iPhone 13 from my MacBook Air M1. How difficult can this be? QR codes - secure passphrases - nothing works. It’s really piss-poor so I’m going back to Chrome.

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Not very. Average person has no issues. Majority of those who have troubles just didn’t pay very close attention and often end up creating multiple sync chains or something. Not to say it to look down on anyone, but I’ve even seen 10 year old kids set up Sync. It just comes down to each person’s capabilities and how much attention they pay. It’s kind of like how we used to talk about people trying to set up VCRs and all back in the 90s. It was easy but lot of older people struggled with it.

Guessing you’re missing a step. I wrote a little guide on it not too long ago. Might want to check it out.

Is there something wrong with you?

Yep, plenty. Traumatic brain injury in 2010, herniated discs and spinal stenosis after car accident around 2016, PTSD from lots of horrible situations in life, depression, etc. Too many things to list.

That said, issue here is you have shared there’s a problem with you. You’ve necroed a topic from several months back just to say that you’re having issues syncing devices and said it’s hard.

To that I replied with a guide on syncing and also answered your question about how “hard” it is to let you know it’s generally seen as very simple and even children can and have done it with no issues. I know, you just were wanting to complain and weren’t looking for an answer (because you didn’t actually ask for any help), but here we are.

So question is, you wanting to argue and complain or would you rather get you problem resolved? I’m assuming the prior, as you didn’t click on links provided to help and still haven’t requested assistance

Don’t forget I’m just a regular person. I was sitting here trying to help. I don’t get paid for any of this. Not an employee with Brave or any of that stuff.

I’m genuinely sorry to hear of your health problems. The question I posed about there perhaps being ‘something wrong with you’ is British vernacular, and falls on many deaf ears.

I think you’ve discharged yourself very well in our exchange, but I suggest you don’t make any allusions as to my intelligence, or lack thereof.

Thank you!


Camera never opens up on Brave iOS. Using iphone 8 and new MBA. Why doesn’t camera open on phone to scan QR code?

I have exactly the same problem and just posted exactly the same question. Why has Brave not fixed this when it have been going on for a year?

Which one? I responded to you on your topic already. It would be good to know where your issue stands and if I did indeed point out your issue. If the problem lies elsewhere, then we’ll figure it out through communication. But I would like to ask you reply to your topic so we can work through it and resolve any issues.

Closed as people keep resurrecting old topic. Issues slightly vary from each other. Anyone experiencing issues should create their own topic and provide as much detail on device type and their situation. It also might be helpful to review the common things related to Sync as mentioned in the links below: