No "scan sync code" button on my androids

Trying to add a 2nd android to my sync chain which already has my laptop and my first android. On the androids there is no “scan sync code” button, and sync itself isn’t working on the laptop or the first android. I UNDERSTAND THAT THIS MAY BE ROUTINE MAINTENANCE OR AN EMERGENCY FIX, but please try o let us know when that is the case.

Lappy windoze 8.1, Brave 132113
1st droid Brave 132112
2nd droid that’s not in sync chain Brave 12981
There are no update option/button/links on either droid


No scan options for me either, on Samsung Android smartphone Brave browser or Fire HD Android tablet Brave browser: did you ever find a resolution? I see no replies to your post (since Dec 21); now we’re entering Feb!

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On the Android device you’re looking to add, go to Settings --> Sync then select I have a Sync code. Click Scan or Add Sync code. Then, on one of your other devices already on the chain:

  • For a Desktop device, go to Settings --> Sync --> Manage your synced devices, then click Add new device to view your scan options:
  • For an Android devices, go to Settings --> Sync -->, then select Add new device to view the scan options.

This does not help when you go to sync and I have a Sync code does not show up.


I am having this exact problem and can’t find a suitable solution anywhere on this site. Everyone keeps pasting the instructions, rather than addressing the issue that there is no “scan sync code” option available.

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The issue is not being expressed very clearly either. This all depends on which device(s) is already on the sync chain and how you’re intending to add additional devices too it.

For example — @Kar81,
From your screenshot, it looks like the Android device you have there is already part of a chain. Now if you want to add another device to that same chain, you would get your other device, go to Settings --> Sync --> Scan or Enter sync code and scan the code you’re seeing on this page from your first device:

Now both devices will be on the same sync chain.

Scan code is not an option just the queue for the device and done

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@Kar81 Let’s back up for a moment. In the screenshots you shared, it’s all from the Android device that is already on the sync chain. Nothing else is there with it. If you were trying to add that phone to an existing, it seems like perhaps you accidentally created an independent chain rather than adding it.

The QR code and Code Word part that you showed is how you would add a second device. So if trying to add your computer THAT IS NOT ALREADY IN A SYNC CHAIN, you would select to Add To Existing and then you’d put in the Sync Chain Code. If you’re doing it from a mobile device, you would scan the QR code you’re seeing.

I could be wrong, but I’m assuming that you’re saying you’re trying to add your phone to an existing chain and thought you’d be able to add the other device to it via that Sync menu. If that’s the case, it’s not how that works. Instead you’d need to access the QR code or Code Words from your primary device (such as your desktop) and then enter that onto your Android. Your Android can’t have an existing Sync Chain if you want to add it to another. So yeah…(Please let me know if I’m not making sense.)

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So would deleting the device I want to sync be the way to go? They were connected until I accidentally deleted all data.

Thank you so much for the help. I am now synced again. The hardest part was trying to get a Brave Support person. I have no idea how I did that. The support page is very confusing.

Karlene Yaple

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@Kar81 Yeah, they only have around 4 people trying to help everyone on this forum. They have at least 800 posts each day, not to mention all the DM and all they get. As a result, it can take a while to get to people and sometimes posts fall out of sight a bit. They are working on improving that here in the future.

In the meanwhile, a lot of fellow users like myself try to pop in and help where we can. I’m glad to hear you got it resolved.