Switching tab and audio getting muted

Hi, when I switch tab from twitch.tv to something else, it just mute it but it show’s it as active speaker and I can’t hear streamer which I want and using another tab. Before week I didn’t had this problem. How to solve it?

Hey Kravoqdeca,

What were the last things you remember doing before this started happening?

I just cleared my browser cache

Does it work now? After clearing the Cache?

And also that problem can’t be reproduced by me…

No, it still same when I switch tab from twitch I can’t hear streamer but like for youtube can hear when I am in other tabs

Is it getting paused? Or just muted?

Just when I switch tab it show me speaker as active but I can’t hear audio.

Does this issue also happen on a new profile, or in Chrome?

Can you hear the audio if you enable the picture-in-picture mode? Just seeing what the problem is…

I using Brave and it just came with last brave update I think but I didn’t had this issue before week.

No I cant hear audio when is enabled picture-in-picture mode

Hmm, are you using Bluetooth Earphones/Headphones or hearing from the PC speakers?

My Headphones are wireless

Is it the same when you hear with the PC Speakers?

I don’t have speakers but this problem is only on twitch.tv like in youtube and other platforms is ok also like when I switch tabs fast I can hear audio but it’s not like before to can switch normal and hear it due I do my things. Also I have tried with other browsers which I don’t like but on them I don’t have this problem!

Don’t know if this will solve it, but which of these is selected currently:

I have already set it.

No, there will be two options there.

When I was using an old pair of headphones, I had two options: Bluetooth Headset and Bluetooth Headphones.

And I was facing issues with the “Bluetooth Headphones” option and it was fixed when I chose “Bluetooth Headset”.

So you too try changing it?

I have looked for this issue in Google too, and no one was facing any similar issues, so I am kinda confused too.

yes i am changing them but not work