Unable To Mute Audio In Background Tab Without Switching To That Tab

In the previous builds, it was possible to click the audio icon in a background tab and mute it without switching to the open page. Now, clicking on the icon forces user to go to the page, requiring multiple clicks for something that previously took one.


Having the same issue. I also can’t selectively mute/unmute one of the tabs if I’m watching multiple things from the same source (like twitch). I have to either mute everything or unmute everything. If this release removed that feature I’d like to downgrade

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Nobody has a solution for this issue?

I’m also having a problem with tabs that are pinned. If you click on the tab with audio to switch to it, it’s basically impossible to not mute it and once it’s muted, you can’t unmute it from the pin, you have to either un pin it or right click and mute it then, unmute it.

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