Switching tab and audio getting muted

btw if I alt + tab when I am on twitch it again stop audio

I don’t think its related in anyways.

But, its better to try I guess.

Go to the Brave Settings and search for “Hardware Acceleration” and switch it off.
Later restart your PC and see if its fixed.

nope didn’t worked :frowning:

any other ways to fix? or this is brave bug? bump

I don’t know of any other methods… I made you try all the methods…

Last Suggestion: If you don’t have any BAT Coins, then you can just delete the app and redownload. Or maybe wait for an update.

ok I will wait for update

I have audio problems with the Brave Browser… most annoying when watching YouTube videos, which is why I had to stop using Brave. Every so often, I check in to see if they fixed it yet, which is why I happen to be replying right now. I use several audio sources for different purposes… wired headphones, bluetooth headphones, earbuds, regular speakers, etc. I can’t speak for anyone else, but using Brave on my PC, the glitch has something to do with audio-source switching. Any kind of bluetooth-audio switches itself back to wired-audio as soon as I click the video controls stop, pause, refresh, next video, etc.
I’ve seen this Brave bluetooth-glitch complaint in various forums for the last couple of years, and it never gets fixed. So… whatcanyado?