Audio dies when I change to a different TAB

is there anyway I can have audio playing regardless of which TAB I’m in ?
At present if I move to a TAB different to the one playing music or whatever, the sound drops out .
I have tried searching and used
" settings menu, click on “Additional settings” and then “Privacy and Security.” From there, scroll down to “Site and Shield settings” and click that. "

There is no "Additional Settings " option.
Browser says it is update to date.

I go Settings->System - then there IS no Sound. and no scrolling up/down/left/right.

I also use Vivaldi and there is a comprehensive TAB/audio set there but I can’t find similar in Brave.

@2ujonson kind of hard to give you answers when you provide no information. What version of Brave are you using? Which OS are you on? Instructions and capabilities change drastically depending on that.

On Desktop, it should continue regardless unless you have something like Memory Saver turned on. If you have Memory Saver on, it puts tabs to sleep when they aren’t active.

And it’s been a while since I used Android, but I’m pretty sure there was a toggle option that said to allow to run in the background. If you didn’t have that enabled, then it would do the same thing…put to sleep when not in use so as not to kill your data, battery, etc.

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I’m running Win10-64 on AMD8-core 32g RAM
Brave tells me it is the latest release version.
Not heard of “memory saver”.
Found it,
it was active,
turned it off
all good for now!
Thanks very much for your response Saoiray!

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