Muting tab broken in latest release!

You use to be able to mute tabs by clicking the speaker icon but you can no longer do that. It seems this was reported in the Dev and Beta branch but was never fixed before being released.

This is infuriating that it wasn’t fixed. I use this feature 90% of my time using my browser. I now have to wait who knows how long for it to be fixed. Chrome browser pushed the same assine update so i switched to brave. Brave was still on chromium 70 until it updated today with the same issue.

Can I get a freaking break.

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You can right click on the tab and select Mute.

That is “Mute Site” It’s not the same thing.

Hey, @Bigmacbook - lets dial it down a couple notches. Dope name, name btw!

I quite literally just filed an issue for this. It was fixed in previous versions. The issue isn’t with Brave but it was inherited with the recent chromium update. If you were to open Chrome right now and try you’d get the same results.

Issue filed here:

I’m sorry just a little frustrated. Is there a way to downgrade?

@Bigmacbook, no worries! I understand the frustration. Just remember we all want the same stuff here :slight_smile:

Yes and no to this.
You can’t downgrade the installation you’re currently using, but you can go to our GitHub and download a previous release (or previous Beta/Developer release) if you’d like.

You may have to go back a page or two.

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