Suggestion on how to grow the creator network & add new Brave users at the same time!

I postd this on r/BATProject forum on Reddit but I thought this was the better place to post b/c it may have more “serious” members… Everything below is cut & pasted from my post over on Reddit

I was just looking at the BATcommunity page ( and was looking at the verified creator section and it lists Youtube, Twitter & Twitch as “verified creator” sites. While IDK if there are other sites with verified creators (I suspect there are), I think a useful addition to this project would be a “creator referral” service/procedure where users of Brave/BAT can submit some kind of suggestion to creators on YT/Twitter/Twitch/etc and if the creator follows the link provided in the referral, the person who referred them gets some BAT or something…

I know I’ve been to some very large YT channels (well over 1M subs) where I’m pretty active and almost all of them are unverified creators. I think it would be $$ well spent if you could rope in some of these creators (especially in certain categories!!) and get them on the network, accepting BAT as tips, etc. I think their reach will introduce a lot of new users to Brave/BAT project who never knew about it, or were introduced long ago and didn’t adopt it b/c it was too young.

But if they see their favorite YT channels using it & accepting BAT, I suspect you will see a decent amount of growth in adoption of Brave as their default browser. I’ve worked in IT for 20+ years and what I’ve found it the VAST, VAST majority of people do not care what browser they use, if you suggest a new browser that fits their needs & isn’t a security issue, most will be happy to at least TRY it if not completely migrate to it.

IDk if there is a chrome extension to allow people to migrate to chrome (Brave) easily (logins/passwords/bookmarks/etc) but I suggest this is of utmost importance if you want to have the “average” user migrate to your browser - make them aware that all Chrome extensions work in Brave!!! I would ensure this is clear & ready to use if you do decide to push for adding new creators as suggested above - it would be tradgic if peole were trying to adopt Brave & were scared away b/c the migration procedure was too difficult or “didn’t work” (remember, many of the new users are probably not going to be as “tech savvy” as earlier adopters).

I’d be happy to contribute to the project, IDK what would need to be done in order to get the above working, whether you need beta testers or whatever, I’d be willing to do whatever I can if pointed in the right direction on where to sign up. Just LMK! Good luck!