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Hello Everyone,
My Name is SaidulBadhon. I run a youtube channel and a website. The name of my youtube channel is “TechSecBD” and my website is “”. I am a verify Brave publishers/creator. I really like your Brave browser and BAT tips system. But it is a matter of sorrow that I’m facing some issues with my brave pending payouts. People are using my referrals and they are fully tipping me 40 BATs but I’m not receiving it of some reason. If they are tipping me 40 BATs then I’m just getting 10-17 BATs. Some times I’m getting even lesser. And for some reason, the REFERRALPROMO Downloads are not getting added either. Can you guys please help me with this issue of mine? Hope to get back from you guys soon.

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Saidul Badhon,



I’m having the same Issue. I was donated at least 100+ BAT but I only got 40



i got the same probleme ! i share my referal link to all the student here in my college ( in canada ) and i feel the systeme think because its the same public IP they dont delivers the tips or i dont know i try to understand because i want to make some conference here in my college like on block chain + crypto and brave and with the brave browser i want to show them how to start slowy and friendly-user on cryptocurrencie !!! and with the logic at the end of conference i hope they will use 40 BAT to my twitch chanel to support me but all the browser installation is from my shcool when i show them how to installe it and how to create a account and claim reward and stuff like that so i dont know ! will see in the future if im gonna get reward from this or no ! have a good day all ! ''btw sorry for my poor english haha i learn ‘’

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