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Dear Brave Team

while surfing on YouTube I’ve noticed that when Brave Creators instead of uploading their own videos to YouTube feel more like encouraged to create all kinds of Playlists at YouTube, are you considering those Playlist’s to be recognized within the Brave Creators BAT contribution and BAT tipping system in any future? At the moment it seems to be a missing feature since only the uploader of a YouTube video is showed as Brave Publisher. In my opinion it would be a good thing to split those BAT’s between the real video uploader and the verified Brave Creator who just added it to a playlist that he / she created. I think the real video uploader should receive more BAT than the Playlist creator. This way it would be very kewl for the both main use cases of YouTube. I wonder if it could be possible to not only just show the video uploader because creating Playlist’s also means publishing contents / Content Creation in general.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

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Interesting point. There is an option to 'allow contribution to videos" but not sure what it does.

I believe the registry for verifying YT publishers links the YT account to the Brave database, but I doubt there is a practical way to ensure ownership/tips are sent to OP via database (there are gazillions of videos and the database would be costly to maintain).

I have been focused on cleaning up and presenting website data at and when done, I have plans to work on other channel data like twitter, yt, and twitch.

If I get any ideas, I’ll share here :slight_smile:

@Mattches Do you know if a user plays another user’s video via playlists, who gets credit for the attention?

@joshy @life2k,
I’m currently on mobile right now – will get back to you on this when I’m not all thumbs! :+1::-1:
If I haven’t responded by tomorrow please bump this thread to remind me – thank you!

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@Mattches @life2k

I think i got it. /solved

If I go to Life 2k channel
And click the BAT icon for tipping… Shows life2k channel as publisher.

I click playlists and then it shows youtube (not verified).

When i select a playlist/song the tip destination changes with the videos to the publisher of the video.

That is for TIPPING.

Does the same hold true for attention?

Thanks. I will test this on the youtube embed code as well. This makes me want to be a youtube publisher lol. But no, i have other plans :+1::muscle::-1::100::sob::hear_no_evil::dizzy_face:

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Bumping this thread up again + thx for taking care on this!!


Yes, currently we only auto-contribute to the user who originally uploaded the video and not the playlist creator. We do not currently have plans to extend the tipping / auto-contribute functionality to playlists but I can certainly see curators being able to be recognized in the future.

The main reason that this isn’t as easy as it sounds is that it raises some product concerns like who gets what percentage of the auto-contribute? What happens when both the uploader of the video and the curator are Brave verified? How do we calculate attention on a playlist?

Those are all questions that we’ll have to answer if we go down this curator style path which aren’t easy. :slight_smile: Thanks for the suggestion!

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@Mattches @cory

Dear cory
Dear Mattches

thank’s a lot for your replies on this rather difficult topic. I still got some Joker to throw in. That’s why I decided to create a couple of bullet point’s from a YT-curator’s point of view. I mean I don’t want to bump this up again but consider the following, please.

#2 Approach: IMO this could be a full spec compromise (might count as a workaround solution, too):

  • user stumble’s upon
  • user searches for in search engines or YouTube
  • user get’s a recommendation that result’s in a click
  • user comes from external pages, e.g. “The Best DJ Set’s Blog”
  • user even enter’s random Playlist’s due to activated Auto-play YouTube function
  • user base practically enter’s Playlist’s on the regular ^^
  • Now with the second approach to solve this NOT the video uploader BUT only the Playlist creator count’s instead.
    = This should be way easier to accomplish along with the current limitation’s. The point of entrance / source on YouTube or from external and some meta data containing keyword’s could be the best fitting tracking method whilst any of a Playlist’s videos simply “belong” to the “DJ / VJ”. This represent’s the "artist’s, e.g. curator’s point of view – which is for sure a key factor to the Brave Creators logic’s. The definition of what real use cases of Creators really are and how much each of those main use case’s weight the most IMO should be the first question of all.


  • most of YouTube’s user base will first curate other playlist’s or create their own ones before they begin to ever upload a video. In my case it took me over 10 year’s to upload a video while from the beginning on I enjoyed creating and curating playlist’s
  • this really is a big part of the user base
  • the YouTube curator’s should still play a key role in your Contribution System

Contra’s (summary on your argument’s):

  • the complexity of the topic
  • the amount of work involded
  • the future of the curator’s recognization possibilties are endless

Thank’s in advance!

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