How do i earn More BAT Tokens

Hi ,
So after a long time i am back to brave , and see everything changed :stuck_out_tongue:
However my question is
I already have a verified uphold account
I already have linked my websites or channels and account to uphold in the " Brave Creators Reward Dashboard "

  • Now my main question is , How does this earning works … like on what basis we as creators earn when people visit our website ??
  • What we can do as Creators to be able to earn more as rewards … Like i have a community of approx 30-4k members .
    Do they have to install the brave browser via any referal link or something where we can get rewards , or how does this thing works !!
    Apologize but i found how the things work for creators , but i was not able to find the correct information …

Looking forwards to hear from you guys

Cheers !!

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For creators it’s either from auto-contributions, tips, or monthly contributions from your fans/viewers/visitors.

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