Finding Brave Creators

I wish there were a way to find verified websites, creators, and publishers who use Brave and accept BAT tips and/or payments. None of my favorite youtubers or bloggers do, it seems. Perhaps a database or something - voluntary, of course! - where we could find verified publishers and choose to support them with BAT. Maybe categorize them based on genre, content, popularity, and rank them according to some metric.

Like, if H3H3, or Computing Forever, or Stephen Crowder, or whoever, on YouTube or BitChute or Gab were accepting Brave tips and was an active supporter of the browser, they’d get a top tier ranking or something based on established popularity/notoriety, which would drive us toward their channels. I don’t know, just an idea. Because I haven’t yet found anyone whom I would like to tip who is a verified publisher. But I would actively seek out verified users if there were a database or something.

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Not an official list. But someone from Community created

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Is there an effort to get certain sites signed up: Such as Wikipedia or Khan Academy? I think the Brave model is the perfect use case for them, yet neither is on-board, yet.


I am a creator on youtube. you can tip it to me if you like :slight_smile: