[turned ads back on temporarily, tracking them - and this one showed up]:

Re: StormGain: just saw THE MOST SUSPICIOUS AD I’ve ever seen, so far, on Brave for StormGain I saved the link but do not want to post it for the obvious reason. and this happened right before I was about to go to sleep. and it’s possible I’m not understanding cryptocurrency coin mining tech even more than I already know I don’t understand it but here are some website quotes:

“MIne Your First Crypto In Just 4 Hours”

“Register now and get +5USDT free to your Miner account”
[and note that “Miner” is capitalized.]

“No Battery or CPU drainage”
[oh, REALLY? so, actual mining takes little to no computer or computing energy at all?? because I’m sure real miners all over the globe would just love to hear about how THAT works.]

and they’re calling it. “An-All-In-One Crypto Platform”

in any case:

so far I’ve only been able to find on the Brave Menu a way to report “broken” sites but NO way yet to report SUSPICIOUS websites in rotation in the Brave ads program. and I get it, money/funds are needed,of course.

but at BEST this advertiser is intending to prey on those in the space who are new to crypto and who have NO idea, not even the basics, about how mining works.

and at worst? well I don’t even want to imagine but the first obvious thing that comes to mind is that they’re intending to steal whatever a fairly new person in the crypto-sphere may have already accumulated because:

they say you can open an account in “less than 5 seconds” and get your free USTD & then mention again about how none of what you’d be doing with you’re phone OR desktop computer working with “StormGain” takes up any CPU’s. then they mention connecting to their cloud server:

they want people to:

install their “award winning app OR register on your desktop.”

and then, again, open an account in "less than “5 seconds” with their “fast registration” and get the free “+5 USDT” in their “Miner account.”

next you’re invited to open a “Cloud Miner” section & “Activate” it…and with yet another reminder that this process doesn’t use phone or desktop computer CPU energy.

then it says the new sign up person will “get your first crypto in your wallet in 4 hours.”

there are too many!! red flags in this ad to count! plus, they’re claiming affiliates in at least 2 locations on the webpage, which just doesn’t seem true, those listings!:

some of the businesses will be familiar to the average westerner adult person - but then one is an Italian sports club. I saw Yahoo! on there, too…another one suggests that they’re a “Member of the Blockchain Commission Within The Financial Commission.” which the name is suspicious, IMMEDIATELY. and of course, nothing came up on a search for that one at all.

in any case, I believe whoever is in charge of accepting ads needs to take a REAL look at this one. because it’s rife with reasons to be suspicious - so I hope someone @ Brave who can assess whether or not this ad is a scam, a computer virus threat, whatever - I just really hope they take a serious look at this ad as well as it’s advertiser…IF they can track them down.

and I really need to sleep now [just didn’t feel right to wait to post this] but I’ll check back later today or tonight. maybe an admin has information about this ad to tell us because IF it’s a virus threat or a scammer in some other way, I hope they’d send out an e-mail & warn everyone. because even IF they said it was all ok [which seems unlikely] I’d NEVER trust that ad or click on it again if I realized what it was.

@geometricalARK thank you for flagging, we’ll look into this.

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