Would getting rich of Brave ads make you a fraud?

OK so let’s paint a scenario, You have 200 computers and 200 workers sitting behind these computers, in this scenario you have no expenses and not paying for the workforce as such.

Let’s also give some numbers, imagine each computer in theory generates 100 BAT a month from ads and this could generate a total of 20,000 BAT a month which is about $10,000 a month (roughly based on today’s rate).

As such, would this money be considered legal business or would this be fraud? and at what point would brave consider something a fraud? as lets be honest, there’s most likely some BAT farms out there but because of rates of ads, this is just not worth while, but what it if was?

Can Brave issue legal actions against those farms? Does KYC play a big role in this? Im trying to understand how Brave deals with such activities.

So let’s set some ground rules for replies.

  1. In this alternate universe power is free, so it doesn’t cost anything to mine bat
  2. workforce has been replaced with robots, they require no food, drink, and power is free as per above.
  3. Laws, Tax, regulations and Brave TOS is exactly as is between these two universes.

Note: This is all theory and before you ask, no, I only have 2 PCs, 1 laptop and OnePlus5 phone… just saying. Lol

you’re saying 200 computers with 200 workers that will farm bat. There is nothing wrong in that as long as they are humans.

I’m sure brave have some restrictions to these weird behavior. One more thing you can’t generate 100 BAT a month from each computer but as you said imagine OK.

As I said as long as you are behaving or browsing like human. There is no such issues for sure.
Question is that “How would you manage to withdraw this much rewards as you can only connect up to 4 device max to uphold” But considering you would’ve uphold accounts of these 200 people frankly. You would need KYC for all of them.

you won’t have problem to be honest as long as those 200 lifeless people work under you.


As those would be users of Brave as any other individual, I image they all send BAT to one central content creator’s account to be cashed out by one individual. (this might trigger some red flags on the creator’s panel), but as rules state, you can send to OTHER content creators, so technically no rules broken?

Yeah one can’t make 100 BAT a month per computer, but the point I was trying to come to was, if one is making that much money from Brave ads, would one be considered to have acquired those tokens illegally or is it more of a fair game - tokens you were paid out are your to keep as long as you tax them correctly then in the eyes of Brave and the world you are clean.

As per online research, click farms or ad farms are not technically Illegal but still treated as “fraud” in some sense, I wonder if this would be the case for brave ads also where ads seen by the means of farming them is considered fraudulent activity?

So if you behave like a human, and brave is not aware of you being a robot and in turn serve you ads because you passed the Turing test, there shouldn’t be any problems with getting that BAT?

I think brave can counter this.
Like 200 people giving their bat to one individually would be suspicious and also noticing that all the bats are being sent from same region or ip.

Also, everything is right until you get caught.
Everyone is gangster until brave notice it

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