Reward Ads reduced

Hi, This last 2-3 weeks I have seen a massive drop off in the number of ads I receive on my desktop, whereas things have carried on as normal on my mobile device. Essentially, there are maybe 1-2 ad notifications that come through per day now, and no more. Also, there used to be ads listed in the newsfeed, they too have disappeared.

Any rhyme or reason behind any of this??


Yes, I have noticed NO ads for awhile now. Altho I’d normally be fine with no ads, I know Brave is supported by these, and I want to do my part by getting them. What’s up?

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I really don’t understand why the whole thing is so unpredictable! Ever since March, I have taken to keeping a daily (DAILY!) record of what rewards I get. Literally every month I am finding the figures don’t match up and so now notice small changes, like the frequency of ads. My daily ads for my desktop is down by an order of magnitude.

With a ‘system’ like this, uptake will be harder to find as the so-called ‘rewards’ simply aren’t there. Talk about shooting oneself in the foot!

Check out the site below for info. But main thing I’ll screenshot for you.

Ad campaigns kind of plummeted as part of this Crypto Winter and all. Combine that with Summer, when historically campaigns have been low, and it kind of helps answer things. I mean, going from 5000 campaigns to like 1500 campaigns, you’ll notice a difference.

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Many thanks for this! I didn’t know of the website—very helpful.

I’m completely befuddled by the whole ‘process’ I received some BAT rewards today but was not expecting them until Sunday/Monday. My browser keeps telling me some are due. I never have any confidence in this browser, sadly.

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They’ve been working on a lot. Short version is they jumped for growth quick and haven’t had the staff they should for what they are doing. Brave Software has about a total of 200 employees. When you compare this to Google Chrome with 60,000 employees (supposedly) with 27,169 software engineers, you can kind of see where the huge difference starts to play.

True, Vivaldi only has about 54 employees last they reported in 2021, but the problem lies in their differences. Vivaldi is browser only, with nothing special going on. Whereas Brave is doing crypto wallet, Rewards/ads, ad-blocker, VPN, and a lot more. Basically, Brave is spreading itself thin and not putting enough people on projects. This is why some things are slow to resolve.

Their growth also was unexpected. This past year, they have been trying to rush and upgrade all their servers and equipment, as it wasn’t able to handle everything. This is why payouts weren’t processing for everyone and there was just a huge strain. They are still in the middle of upgrading their infrastructure, as well as changing how Rewards payments are done. Such as with Uphold, Brave has been doing direct deposit to it. They are looking to change it to where they just send vBAT over. (If you don’t understand that, don’t worry about it. Just saying changing how they do payouts to try to be more efficient).

That said, some of these errors and all will happen until they get things caught up.

Yeah, it’s sad. I mean, the browser has me feeling quite confident in most regards. I do wish they’d put more effort into iPhone in terms of ad-block, as it sucks in comparison to other OS. But it works wonderfully and I don’t have issues as other people seem to do. Yet at the same time, I don’t go modifying a bunch of stuff and don’t have a million extensions running on the browser.

In terms of Rewards, I’ve experienced issues with pay and all. My confidence in them came from always seeing it resolved. Sometimes it might have taken a while but Steeven, Mattches, and the rest of Brave’s customer support have always managed to resolve issues when they exist. I’ve come to realize that things won’t work perfectly, but problems always get fixed so long as we can be patient and communicate with them.

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