BitcoLoan, a scam pushed with our ad?

Hi there,

I am using Brave since a while now and the browser is really good. It changed a lot my daily surf on the worldwide cryptoweb.

However I have a question concerning the ads we receive. Is there at any time someone approving an ad internally or within the community?

I explain myself. I received an ad promising tremendous return on investment : BitcoLoan. It’s promise is the following : lending and borrowing money. On the earning side, the ROI looks really good : +294% on a loan for a company. However, we have no information at all, no white paper, no information on how they operate, from where, by whom, no information on the company we are supposed to finance etc. Looks to me as a scam. And a threat to the community. However I might lack some basic info on this bitcoloan project and you have more than I do, and you might give me important info that I don’t have. In that case, do not hesitate to share with me what you have.

It raises me a question : at any point do we have people in brave in the community that approve or back such project? If people lose money there, Brave will have a certain part of responsibility. I am not saying we need a police to fight political speech or whatever, just looking into the project the browser is pushing towards the community to look if it endangers or not the newcomers.

Thanks everyone,
Be blessed

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