Crypto popups every 10 minutes

Hi, Yea so now brave started showing me Pop-ups every 10 mins for some crypto “offer” or another, thanks for adding another annoyance to the general browsing experience. I didn’t really make any changes to settings in the last few months .

Cant even find the helpline or setting so I had to start a topic in a forum


Sounds like you are seeing ads that pay you. If you do not want to engage in the reawrds program you can turn off ads by going to brave://rewards/ and toggling off the brave private ads


Hahaha they’re ads that pay you. You fool lol

Oh really because they seem like notificatios.

Just click the ads and make some cool money.

Would someone on here be able to point me in a direction where I can more about the reward system, I know how it works but I have been using Barve for the last few months but my BAT is still 0 . " Estimated .75 " but I don’t know what that means