Verified creator, via Uphold, in supported country, but just got told I'm not?

I’m a verified creator in a supported country and have never lived outside that country. I’m connected via Uphold and confirmed they have my address right. I just got an email that I quote in part below:


Subject: [Important] Your channels won’t appear as verified while your region is not supported

Although you’ve already connected a custodial account to your Brave Creators account, it looks like you’re in an unsupported region for your selected custodian. As a result, your channels won’t appear as verified for the time being. However, the moment your country does become supported, your channels will automatically appear as verified again.

This seems like a bug to me…


same here for me in the USA

Same here. Our sites have been verified Brave Creator sites since the program’s inception. Located in California, USA, with a connected Gemini custodial account. Definitely a mistake. Open a support ticket:

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Also in USA and got the same message.

I’m having the exact same problem.

Hi everyone, I can confirm that the US is still supported for both Uphold and Gemini. It looks like this email was sent in error. The Creators team is investigating and has paused the emails for the moment.

In the meantime, you can always log in to and check if there are any notices regarding your connection to Uphold/Gemini.


Same here. I live in the United States and it’s on their supported country list.

Whatever they just tried to do…it seems like they fudged it.

Adding myself to the list. I am also in the US and received this message today (10/26/2022)

I’m in Australia and have an Uphold account and got the same message - sounds like they sent the message more broadly than intended?

Same, Uphold in U.S. What gives?

I’m in the UK and had this too, went to my YouTube channel and it is now unverified.

Hi @chriscat. Thank you for your reply. I checked the Brave Creators site. My Gemini account still says “Connected” – there are no notices that I see.

However, when I visit my actual linked sites/channels, they all say “Unverified Creator” or “This creator is not signed up yet…”

Additionally, when I click the “View Statements” link in the Creators site, there are no longer any statements…it’s completely blank. My linked sites/channels date back to 2018, so there should be many statements to view there.

Please let me know if you have any questions or require more information. Thank you for your help.

I’m in the United States with an account connected to Uphold and also received this erroneous email.

I’d also like to point out that the wording of “thank you for being part of Brave Rewards” is incredibly disingenuous, as Brave did not ask me to opt into their ad blocking and the only options were to participate or receive no revenue. Thank you for hijacking control of my website’s revenues, Brave (and forcing me to work with Uphold, perhaps the single most inconvenient financial organization I have ever encountered.)

I got the email as well, I live in Finland, I have two channels connected, both show up as verified when I visit the pages using Brave.

same here this morning, very strange!

Also, I have asked for the ability to add more sites since there are limits but I got denied. I wonder why they even put a banner asking to contact the support then! Having publishers verified on brave should bring them money, so I don’t get it!

  • Is anyone else not able to add more sites?

This is likely because your Creator account is currently disconnected. You need to reconnect.

Would you be able to share one of your channels/sites so I can see if it looks verified to me? Thanks. If you don’t want to share publicly, you can DM it.

Same mail in France, but everything looks good for my creator account, saying that my Uphold account is well connected

Same email here in the USA that it’s not a supported region? Please advise.

I will just reiterate that this email appears to have been sent to a broader set of creators than intended. If your country is still supported per the official list, then please disregard this email. The Creators Team is actively investigating.

In the meantime, you can always log in to and check if there are any notices regarding your connection to Uphold/Gemini.