Having troubles getting verified

I have tried using both Gemini and uphold accounts and it appears I am still not ‘verified’. Any help would be appreciated

Hi, @Badfishy1, is your region on this list?

What about here, can you see that your region is supported?

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US based so I don’t believe that is the issue. I appreciate your response

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Now when I go to the publishers section, the to statement, it says I have no statements, but not the message of not being verified. I don’t however have the check mark by my name

You’re not in NY, are you?

No ninja fl :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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Well, NY would only be a problem for Uphold, anyway. Did you start the verification process for Gemini and Uphold at the same time?

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No. Originally linked my Gemini. Said I wasn’t verified so I then changed to uphold

Previously the second screenshot showed a warning saying I wasn’t verified. That is no longer showing but neither is the check mark so I’m confused. Thank you for all your time

Ah… okay. Unfortunately, there are some issues with Uphold right now, but Brave is working on it. It could be affecting you. You can keep an eye on this Support thread for any updates on the issue.

I’ve read Gemini can take a while to verify sometimes, one Creator waited for over two weeks. I’m not sure what would happen if you tried to switch back to Gemini now, if you are caught in the Uphold bug.

I’m sorry I can’t offer more, but if I find anything, I’ll let you know. Support or another more equipped than I could stop in and offer you more assistance, too.

EDIT: I blanked completely, sorry… Payout for Creators is happening right now, still pending. Your issues could just be because the system is cycling, and it will be fine when the process finishes. You can monitor this progress here:

When I switch back to Gemini I got this message again

I’d leave it alone, don’t dis-/reconnect anything, just wait for the process to finish. I am sorry, about forgetting the payout’s happening.

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Thank you sir/ ma’am I will leave it be with Gemini attached

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You’re welcome and good luck.

Truly appreciate everything! :heart:

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I had the same problem with Binance they make the process impossible for some crazy reason just use Coinbase or Robinhood never had an issue with them in 3 years

Lol @ RH. I’ll pass. The issue is brave verifying Gemini and uphold accounts. FYI change to Schwab for traditional, dump RH you won’t regret it

I’m new to brave, and I also try to verify my unfold wallet, which I greated also yesterday. And also got the message that I need to verify it, and if I try it won’t work.

And I also have that problem with my wordpress website, I also can’t verify my site