Creator Account not verified bu it says verified

Hello everyone, my youtube channel was verified for a few months but is not now.
Also i managed to make my website verified, but when i go to my banner it says that my account is not verified. I’m stuck for a week and don’t know how to fix this issue.
I was wondering anyone knows how to fix that ?

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@Mushu_404 Are you verified in a country listed at

Hello, yes i’m in one of those countries

@Mushu_404 I care very much for word choice, as it has caused headaches in the past. I’m not asking if you are in one of those countries. The question is whether you verified with Uphold or Gemini for one of these countries.

The difference is we have had people say “yes, I’m from United Kingdom! My Address is for UK!” But then later they say “I submitted a passport from Russia/India/somewhere else.” This means they verified for a different country!

So let me ask again, just for clarification. Did you fully verify with Uphold using passport or other ID in a country that is verified? And you have your Creators current linked to that Uphold you have verified? (I’m saying Uphold as Gemini only supported for United States right now overall)

If yes, you will want to create a Creators Support Ticket

If no, that’s the reason for your problem.