Site is not reachable googleadservices

Every time I search through Google I get the message ‘this site is not reachable’

And a whole page with codes. It is just 0,5 second visible, then I come into the site I meant to open. This problem only occurs with Brave, not with other browsers. Very annoying!

Click on Don’t warn me again and save the cookie. (it might work without saving the cookie, just click on don’t warn me again)

It is a feature not a bug, it is to protect user’s privacy.

Such a message is not visible (Don’t warn me again). The whole page disappears in a split second. And it happens with no matter what site I want to open

Your issue seems to be different from the one I thought. Official brave team or other users might be able to sort it out.

@Septinus ,

Possibly blocking one or more of:

Google rotates its many services (as in serving info to browsers that request info from Google), thru a mixed bag of servers and IP addresses . . . in order to frustrate blockers (who surrender and lower their browser / computer / firewall shields).

In addition, we have no info re your Brave Browser’s settings.

And, exactly, step-by-step, what do you mean by “search through Google”?

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The problem is new to me. I have been using Brave for years now.

What happens:
I type in the search field from Google (my standard search engine) something I want information on. For example: plumber. Then I come to the page with all the possible plumbers. I choose one by clicking on it. That’s when I got the screen which said ‘not reachable’. This site is only visible a split second, and then I come into the site I wanted.

I included a screenshot as attachment

The problem doesn’t occur in other browsers, like Chrome or Edge

Should have included the screenshot in the start itself.

Can you send another screenshot of full window with English language as the bottom part is cut into half?

Also turn off all your extensions and see if it works. You can create a completely new profile to experiment, from the top right hamburger menu.

And as the other user has pointed out, be specific. Otherwise, we cannot understand what exactly is happening.

Sorry, I didn’t think of it before now. I am not that familiar with these things.

Extensions removed, a new profile made. Same problem.

About the printscreen: this is the complete full window. All there is.

Translation: Site is not reachable
…does not work, or the page may have moved to a new web address.

Try shields down and see if it works.

@fanboynz @Saoiray

Just tagged Mattches on the bottom one. Will have to see if they have any other updates.

@Septinus , @chh_68 , @Saoiray

Developer Tools > Network . . . window will show the progress of items being downloaded from the web servers involved – WHEN @Septinus chose one of the “plumbers” in the results web page for the Google search . . .

Then, one or more “googleadservices” items in the Developer Tools > Network window . . . are likely to appear to be blocked . . . and Brave Browser make notice with a momentary report that usually would not appear.

That appearance may be, because of some Brave Browser setting. Maybe some cookie is Allowed, but AdBlock has a block?

@fanboynz – will probably know.

We block googleadservices 2 methods, via Easyprivacy with:

||^$third-party and via Peter Lowes list

The error message is just a result of the domain being blocked. I’m unable to see the message when we block ads on google via shields

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Just sorted this out: it’ super simple.
This annoying thing comes up only if you want to open an ad which is put in between your search results by Google. If you change the site security settings from standard to aggressive blocking, the problem goes away instantly


Yes!!! Worked! Thank you so much!


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