Site Can't Be Reached

I’ve recently downloaded brave, it worked just fine for like 2 weeks and it just randomly decided to do break down pretty much every time, except on a few rare occasions where it loads a website. Every time i try making a search it says ‘This website can’t be reached.’ I’ve checked a few topics about this where they asked to disable hardware acceleration and allow brave through the firewall (i think i did correctly), and it just does not work. My wifi works fine (it’s a public wifi, i can’t change it though since it’s my residence wifi) and opera gx loads websites just fine.

I’m currently on Windows 10 and this is my brave version:

What should i do?

Does it show up in private window mode? the site works here

Test with/without a VPN also.

in private window mode it is the same error, and i don’t have a vpn

Also, I tried when dual-booting to Ubuntu and it works there, so i do’t think this is hardware-related. I do have issues with Windows 10 though where Windows will from time to time (and consistently) disconnect me from any wifi source, making it so i don’t have access to any wifi (only airplane mode), and i cannot do anything but reboot my pc. it doesn’t happen with ubuntu either.

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