This site can’t be reached

This forum is very frustrating to operate, so I hope this time it will be posted…

Why on earth I get on brave this " This site can’t be reached"? while on another browser everything loads OK? only 2 sites i can load on brave, google and youtube.

Thy is that? I am on WIn7 64bit


Generally this happens when the service running on your localhost has some problem resolving the request. If you have access to logs, please see logs for more details on the error. Also, make sure the application interface, server, and services are running. There are many situations that might trigger “this site can’t be reached” error in browsers. Sometimes the server is still running but the interface application is closed or the database is down. If your application interface and server is up but a dependent service is down then restart your computer/server and restart services. Make sure the app is bound to localhost. It may just be bound to an individual interface. netstat -na will give you the clues you need. Run a port scan on your computer and make sure the port is opened.