Since October barely rewards anymore

My browser/internet usage is fairly stable over time, and each month I generate evrywehre between 1-5 BAT rewards from it.

Suddenly since this months, barely any rewards are accumulated while nothing changed to my usage, the month is almost over and I accumulated 0.004 BAT.

Did anything change? Or why do I not accumulate anything anymore?

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Did this change recently? Literally got 0.0007 BAT last month compared to at least 2 the months before. Even My youtube starts acting up now due to Brave. Does not really make sense then anymore…


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@Saoiray Any idea what is going on then? Nothing changed in my browser behavior.

@GP0811 Well, you left out some information. I guess since you’re saying you accumulated some BAT, that you are indeed connected to a custodial partner. And you are in a supported region?

What version of Brave are you using?

Are you seeing ads? For example, if you check at brave://rewards what do you see? Like mine for today looks like the screenshot below:


Do note that the estimated earnings are a bit higher because some of it rolled over from ads not reconciling last month. But the ad notifications and NTP ads are accurate in what I’ve seen so far.

@Saoiray @Kay146 My point actually is that nothing changed in my browsing behavior, nor in the settings, nor in my custodial wallet provider, and the rewards got from 1-5BAT to 0.0001-0.0007 BAT, which is quite big of a difference.

I’m trying to understand why this is suddenly the case. I’m not here to earn money but to understand the difference.

@GP0811 Yeah, that conversation is between me and Kay, where they kind of jumped in on your topic. Perhaps I should move their comments away and talk to them on their own topic, but it is what it is. Right now, I’m just trying to help you and get answers. If you can reply with the information I asked of you, it would be helpful.

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Yeah, I moved them to their own topic. But just wanting a screenshot of your brave://rewards area like I linked to you a little above, @GP0811. Also to know which version of Brave you’re using and all. I’m asking as it all matters.

Which country you’re in matters as well.

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@Saoiray Please see screenshot below. Thanks for you help, appreciate it.

I’m based in Indonesia at the moment (which has been the case for the past year)

This screenshot is from an outdated version of Brave which may be part of your issue. Current version of Brave has the portion that shows total ads received and shows what type of ads.

Also like how yours shows Brave Private Ads and then hamburger menu on the right, the current says Manage Brave Ads and does not have the toggle there.

Are you using an older version of Mac that is not able to update Brave?

Just so you know, older versions of Brave can have issues with Rewards, including not being able to earn at all.

Thanks @Saoiray, that makes perfect sense. Just updated the version (see screenshot). Hope this solves the issue.

@Saoiray Unfortunately, the BAT rewards are still not accumulating as usual…

@GP0811 we have 2-3 ways of looking at this. You essentially have to see which makes more sense to you based on your situation.

(1) Things are working as intended and you’re fine

It’s only November 2. Based on what you shared, you have already seen 9 ads according to the screenshot you shared last night (well, last night for me). There are many ads right now that are only about 0.001 BAT per ad to be seen. So your one screenshot of 9 ads seen and estimated earnings of up to 0.009 would align with that.

If you’re unaware, you can always check out and they try to keep it updated with all the ads you can see. You’ll just have to pay close attention as it also shows which OS they are allowed to appear, when the campaign started, the maximum amount of times you’re allowed to see ads from them, etc.

It’s possible you’re not seeing many ads because they just don’t have a lot of ads in your area. And it’s also possible that currently it’s nothing but low paying ads and you’re expecting more.

Keep in mind you’re pretty much guaranteed one NTP ad every 15 minutes. So if you haven’t seen one for a while, open up a few tabs (should appear within 5 times of opening tabs) and you should get one. That said, don’t go setting timers or setting up automation in an attempt to maximize earnings as it will get you flagged/suspended for abusing Rewards (it’s meant for casual usage, not for people trying to mine/farm with it). I’m only letting you know as it’s a good way to kind of check whether you really are seeing ads and if the numbers change in brave://rewards.

(2) It could be that it’s because of your location compared to your Rewards country.

The way Rewards works is you have to be in a supported country, connect to a custodial partner (for now) using a passport from the supported country, choose that country as your Rewards country, and then view ads from the country you’re from.

As you may know, Indonesia is not supported in terms of connecting to Uphold or any custodial partner. They have some campaigns there, but nobody would be able to earn BAT from it.

Ads are shown to you based on your IP address. So if you’re in Indonesia, it would be showing you ads from Indonesia. If your Rewards country (the country you verified through on Uphold) is not Indonesia, you would not earn BAT for seeing the ads while based in Indonesia. At least, you’re not supposed to.

Ads show based on IP address but then get confirmed/reconciled through your device Locale and Rewards country choice. If yours was United States and you’re seeing Indonesia, it would null any earnings because your Locale and Rewards country doesn’t match the IP address.

This potentially could be your issue if you don’t see ads or don’t earn many. If nothing else, it should eventually flag your account for attempting to view ads from another country.

Things aren’t quite working as usual, but reason you’re earning less is because of the country you’re in.

If you’ve been there for a year with no issue, then you’ve been a bit lucky. It could just be because Indonesia has hardly any campaigns and normally is unsupported, so antifraud just doesn’t care as much compared to other countries with more and/or higher paying ads.

Do keep in mind there are only 14 campaigns in Indonesia right now according to If true, they won’t all be available on your Mac. Add in each campaign has the maximum times a user is permitted to see ads and earn BAT, it could be you’re at that maximum for a lot. This could also be why you’re seeing fewer ads now, but you’re at least seeing and earning.

Final Thought

The only way to know where your situation falls under is to pay attention for a bit and compare to the link I provided which shows the campaigns in your area. I’m thinking it’s all working as intended

Hi @Saoiray Pardon my delayed reply.

Option 1 is unlikely. As I was referring, for the past 1/2 years I’ve had an average of 1-5 BAT each month and nothing changed. Suddenly for the past 2/3 months I don’t even get to 0.5 BAT anymore. So something on the BAT side must’ve changed, considering my browsing behavior etc remain unchanged.

Option 2: This could be the case. However, this is also unlikely as I have been in Indonesia most of the time for the past 3 years and before the BAT accumulated just fine.

Anyway, I think there is not much we can do in this situation. I might’ve been lucky the months before and things have changed now.

I appreciate your help.

Also @Saoiray, When I created my account I used Gemini to link as a wallet. I had to delete my Gemini account now as they stop serving users from a lot of countries, but I can seem to unlink it from my Brave account.

Any idea how I do this and link another wallet (or preferably use the brave wallet)

@Saoiray Any update on the above from your end? Or anyone else I should reach out to?

@GP0811 sorry, just got notification and email from your last week’s post today. That’s really weird.

You don’t really unlink. Just go to brave://rewards and hit image. This starts you with a new Rewards profile and you connect to Uphold or whatever at that point, assuming an option is available to you.

On chain payments are in the works, but no ETA. Honestly, they aren’t even getting the BAT Roadmap they promised over a month ago released yet. So it makes me think it might be far out from now, but we’ll wait and see if any pleasant surprises occur.

Until then, it’s just Uphold or bust for most countries.

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