BAT rewards not updating

I dont seem to be getting rewards for viewing ads atm, i have earned 6.8BAT so far but it hasn’t updated any more. I have it set to 5/hour and i have auto contribute turned off and the rewards is on. i’ve viewed around 10 ads now with no increase in my BAT rewards earned.

Hi @awscottie - what OS and Brave version are you on?

OS Catalina 10.15.4 and brave is running on the latest version 1.9.76 but ive only just updated it so it might have been that. i will check in a few ads time

Ive had a few ads now since the update but still stuck on 6.8 BAT.

Hi this is also happening on my mobile browser too. Are the servers down or something? I’m really confused why I’m not getting BAT for viewing ads now.

HI @awscottie - thanks for the info. Is it still stuck?

No, as far as I can tell it has returned to normal thank you

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