Went from earning 4 bat this month to earning 1 bat. Changed as soon as I updated my browser? Are you joking?!?

Literally updated my browser, and my BAT massively decreases? What the hell! Attached images show this. It.’s not i’m earning less, it literally dropped from 4 to 1 in a matter of seconds. Pissed off.

Yet another user who has had BAT stolen from them.

No this is not the case, judging from your screenshots you were on a outdated version of brave. Notice it now says “current earnings this month” instead of “estimated rewards pending”. So the way it works now is anything in the process of being transferred over disappear from view and instead you only see what you have gotten for this current month. All the remaining 3 BAT or so will get paid out on top of whatever else you obtain for this month after payouts are complete in November.

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