Almost no Rewards for Ads

since a few months i have the feeling that i won’t get the correct rewards for my ads… i got some problems with the rewards in the past, where i havent received anyting, than i got a “payout” which was good but after that i got between 0,4 and 1,2 BAT for over 100 Ads. Is this correct?

I really like that browser and the system behind it, but it would be nice to get more rewards for using it.


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do you know how many active ads are in your area?
check here

Is that page really working? I keep receiving ads that are not in the list for my region and conversely, many times -like today- I don’t see any background tab ad at all even if there are 3-4 listed there. That’s constantly happening in all the PCs in my family regardless of the connection (main PC is always at home, but laptops travel with us).

Regarding the OP, unfortunately in the last couple of months the value of ads have been going down the drain and it’s not compensated at all by slight increase of value of the BAT token. If it is of any consolation, this month the counter on the PC I’m using right now is registering 503 ads shown so far for a grand total of 2.317 BAT

like MSxyz said i also get ads which are not listed on this site…

and the Ads who are listed give a reward at 0,0005 BAT…

every other day there is something wrongs with my ads… Today AGAIN background ads don’t give me any BAT when displayed… Not only the value of ADs has plummeted but I can’t have a week straight without some odd behaviour from the ad reward system.

Yea, in december its odd. In November I ended up at 4.6 BAT. And most of november had reduced reward amount due to BAT being sky-high. Now, only 6 days left I am at 3.3 BAT.
And ads are back to regular rates for a while.
With most often new tab ads not counting. And a low amount of notification ads. Dezember aint good so far.

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