Slow Brave Rewards this month compared to past month - same activity


I’ve noticed that my rewards for this month are very low compared to previous months. I use the browser for work, so I have it open almost all day, and I’ve been averaging somewhere between 8-10 BAT per month. This month the BAT estimated balance is at 2.5, and I roughly have the same activity every month, and no settings have been changed.

I know there’s been some changes to the rewards system, but I’m fully verified at Uphold and the Rewards widget is connected to my account. Just to make sure I wasn’t missing any step after the change I’ve logged out and in again, and everything seems fine.

I noted the number of BAT this morning and it was around 2.4. As of right now it’s exactly 2.509 with the browser open all day today. At this pace I’ll end up the month with 2.7 BAT roughtly, very far from my 8-10 BAT average. The math doesn’t add up somehow.

Are there any issues currently or is anybody experiencing the same this month?


I used to average between 12-25 BAT. This month i will likely reach about 5. There have not been any ads on any of my browsers. They claim “some” users are experiencing it. There is obviously someone operating the flow of ads as one night they worked flawlessly for about half an hour, then all of a sudden none for 2 weeks after that. Brave is banking all that saved output brother. It was a fun ride while it lasted. Changes have taken place and the BAT seems to be a thing of the past or vBAT as they call it “virtual”. Let me know if you have any luck.


I average between 20-25 BAT for the pass 6 months or so but this month I stand at 4.983 Bat and I’m in the US.

Go check the prices they pay per add, they now only pay a tenth of what they used to before. Also, make sure you will be able to cash-out your rewards. There are millions of Brave users who will lose everything they have been accumulating over the past two years. Brave has decided that they are taking all those BATs back if you have not cashed them out even though they have not not delivered on their promises over the past two years of alternative wallets.

So make sure you can withdraw before you waste your time on Brave. I have a fully verified Uphold account and I’m unable to withdraw so double check everything.

And as said, in regards to the rewards, go into your settings, it shows what is being paid for each ad campaign, you will see they now pay a tenth of what they did before.

Brave is honestly not worth the waste of time. If you want a browser with no adds and that is serious about user privacy go check out Vivaldi. It also has a built in calendar and email. Miles ahead of Brave in my opinion and much faster and much more stable.


See my reply below, prices being paid is a tenth of what they were.

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RIP brave. it was fun spending time with you

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Can you please tell me where I can see that? I can’t find it. Funny thing is that when I click on “View Statement” every past month is blank for me - no figures, nothing. Not sure what’s going on. Thanks.

Brave is dead not worth wasting something which can’t be fixed


See this post, it shows were to check and what to look for

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