NTP ads aren't paying much

because now the ads you see on new tabs doesnt give any bats . scroll brave news if you want more bats

That’s a lie. Not sure why you’re saying that.

Yesss , previously we used to get normal amount of bats from new tab ads but now nothing. Only brave news gives considerable bats

Because i don’t consider 0.001 bats anything.
No one with common sense would cause its really nothing. I don’t know how you are so enthusiastic about it :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:. People who aren’t scrolling brave news are getting nothing out of normally using the browser.
Even if a person sees 50 new tab ads a month .
He only gets 0.05 bats which doesn’t even become our 1 INR for which i kid can get a candy
And forget about the dollar only 0.01
That won’t even make the transaction cost

So don’t make fool of people by saying you are getting something
It’s like bragging about that heyy i give rewards these kids for free and then not even giving them a candy per month
Even my friend would slap me saying its a joke
Technically you can say it’s somethings but in reality everyone knows what it means . Its Marely a joke .

I am not saying anything about the news bats but this shouldn’t be called that get rewards for just simply using the browser. It should be scroll brave news to get some real life rewards

Because I don’t treat it like a job. I’ve never tried to min/max my earnings or anything. In fact, people trying to use automation and do a lot of things to maximize their earnings is what is screwing everyone. A lot of us used to get $5-10/mo but then that cut back. Brave had to put in lots of limits because of the abuse.

Ads prices still vary. Currently the SI in my area are Brave house ads, which is the 0.001. Not long ago I had some for 0.05 per SI.

Just keep in mind, no other browser pays you to use it. This is just supposed to be all of us using this as a web browser and then getting whatever money we get. Earnings should just be a pleasant surprise, not a target or priority.

I know brave did this to become free from those automations but now the normal users suffer and gets nothing. Atleast for now and don’t know for how much longer .

Again that point that no other browser gives nothing is saying that be happy what you’re getting. I already said that its good that news gives us some real bats . That great from braves side.:+1: . Fully appreciated

But just don’t say that these new tab ads are giving something. This also creates confusion in other users mind that everyone is getting something why not me . Cause everyone is getting 0.001

@Kay146 to limit confusion, brought the conversation over into your own topic. But I get what you’re saying in how NTP ads aren’t always good. We’ve had a lot of things going on from changes in crypto and also advertising revenue down kind of globally.

Things are beginning to pick up again and we’ll see things gradually increase. And 0.001 BAT is something. In current value it may not be much in terms of fiat, but it’s still money and it adds up over time.

And it’s not just NTP ads paying only 0.001

Ford’s push notifications are that low:

Myriad Social on the Brave News portion is also paying that low as well


Some can go higher, like how Brave has a house ad push notification that pays well per ad:


It’s crazy how much it fluctuates.

Yeah i mean that also that whichever ads are giving 0.001 are useless . You can’t change my mind cause its really nothing. You can assume whatever you like.

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