Screen is grayed out as soon as I alt + tab?

Whenever focus is lost the window is blanked out and I can’t see anything in the alt+tab preview.

Is there a way to disable this? Searched for a while can’t find anything in settings or flags. Thanks in advance.


I am having the same issue. This has only happened after I updated to the current build.


@mistermoomoo, @danyurl
Sorry for the late reply – it’s hard to tell if you’re using Windows 10 or 7 from your screen shot, can you confirm? Can you also tell me if

  • You have any extensions installed
  • Hardware acceleration enabled? Does disabling it help?
  • Does this happen regardless of what sites are open in these tabs?

I’m having the same issue this morning on v0.65.118, though note that ALL open browsers are grayed EXCEPT for the current one - see image for an example of multiple open windows. This was working as recently as last night when I shut down the computer - I don’t know if a new version of Brave was released, but did notice that the Settings screen is also different between yesterday and today, so I would guess yes.

I’ve tried some of the basics like rebooting, etc. I’m on Windows 10, Build 1803.

I cannot reproduce with other applications (or with Chrome). Thanks!

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Yes this is on Windows 10. Extensions do not seem to effect the issue as the issue still persists when they are disabled or with a fresh installation of brave. Same with hardware acceleration, enabled or disabled is still the same. This happens regardless of what sites and what kind of window it is, regular or incognito. It seems to be a issue affecting the whole of the browser. Only the current most front window layer of brave is peekable/previewable via alt-tab or windows aero peek in the taskbar. @Mattches


Same thing as @danyurl. Windows 10, tried with hardware acceleration both on and off, tried with no extensions enabled. Nothing seems to fix it.

@mistermoomoo @danyurl @meisjp
Thank you for the information. Just tested on my end and can reproduce this issue on my Win10 machine mostly – It seems rather intermittent on my end. I was able to reproduce the error, but I was also able to see the window preview when pressing alt + tab some of the time.

At this current time, I’m able to display max 2 window previews but any more and the screen is blank as described:

I’ve reached out to some team members and will dig into this further.
Thank you for your patience.


Description of the issue:
All page are gone when I do ALT-SHIFT or I reduced the browser
Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3.

  1. Open Brave Browser
  2. Go to Youtube or an another site
  3. Do ALT-SHIFT or reduced windows
    Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):
    And the page won’t show
    And after :
    Expected result:
    The page are showing
    Reproduces how often:
    All time
    Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
    OS : Windows 10 Pro x64 v.1903
    BV : Version 0.65.118 Chromium: 75.0.3770.80 (Official Build) (64-bit)
    Additional Information:
    CPU: I3-6100H
    GPU: Nvidia Geforce 940mx
    RAM: 8GB DDR4
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@CuteLittlePyro Thanks for reporting. I didn’t understand reduce windows, do you mean minimize and maximize the window? when I use the shortcut key ALT-SHIFT nothing is happening.

Could you please clarify? so that I can try out from my end.


@gsarvadnya That’s it it’s minimize and maximize the window. ^^
I want to add a info I have a Intel integrated GPU with the gtx 940mx

Thanks for reaching out. I have a couple other users experiencing this exact same behavior – I’ve taken the liberty of merging the two threads so we can keep information consolidated and all benefit from troubleshooting.

I’m currently looking into this issue and hope to have more information for you soon.

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If it helps, and for additional information: When switching desktops in Windows 10 (I use WINDOWS KEY + CTRL + Left/Right Arrow to move between Desktops), the open browser instance in the destination desktop is also fully gray until the desktop finishes transitioning in, then the browser renders correctly.

Likely same cause, just adding that in case it helps…


Just wanted to say I’m having the same issue on Brave beta.
Brave version: 0.66.93 Chromium: 75.0.3770.90 (Official Build) beta (64-bit).
Windows 10 Enterprise 1809, 64-bit.

Can you please fix this already holy crap I’m tired of dealing with this issue

It’s actually broader than just alt+tab. It’s whenever Brave is no longer visible:

You can reproduce this by

  • opening Brave, non-maximized, with a page loaded
  • opening another app
  • resizing the other app so that it is entirely over Brave
  • now drag one border so that Brave becomes visible --> the page is blank
  • let go of the mousebutton and suddenly the page becomes visible

Hi @Mattches, sorry, I didn’t find that issue. I guess this topic can be closed/ignored then. I’ll add some of my info in the other topic, as that seems to focus on alt+tab, though you can also reproduce the issue by resizing a window over Brave.

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Has this bug been fixed or is it being tracked? I was looking on the Github issues and the closest I found was this:


Bug still has not been fixed. I’ve basically had to just not maximize any other windows. It’s very annoying.