"Save password" prompt although third party password manager is active

I always get a “save password” prompt when login to a new site, even though I have an active password manager.

I can’t turn this off in Brave because it says that my password manager (Proton Pass) manages my password settings (see screenshot).

I’ve also tried this with Bitwarden and it’s the same problem.

It should be possible to disable this prompt when a third party password manager (as an extension) is active.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install Proton Pass or Bitwarden (other password managers should cause the same problem)
  2. Make sure that the third party password manager manages the password settings (see screenshot)
  3. Try logging in to a site, Brave will prompt you if you want to save the login. You can’t turn this off.

Tried this on the latest version of Brave today (Windows 11).

What happens if you hit Manage? Also, this most likely is asking if you would like to save it to Proton Pass, not to Brave. Like it said, you have the extension “hijacking” the password manager portion.

When I click on “Manage”, I come to this page:

The problem is that I’m getting a “save password” prompt from my password manager, and from Brave
Screenshot 2023-10-09 190551

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