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I have just installed Brave on my PC. I have imported settings from Chrome - works fine. However it also imported all passwords.

  1. On Chrome I need to write the google password to get access to passwords. In Brave thay are available without password. Why?
  2. How it is even possible to copy all passwords from chrome without asking for password and make them available in Brave?
  3. How to turn off the password manager? I can only disable saving new passwords. I want to disable the manager and delete all passwords. How?
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Hello there @Damiannn, let me inform you that when importing data from other browsers to Brave you are prompted with three options (Browsing history, favorites/Bookmarks, Saved Passwords) if you left all of them selected this were imported to Brave.

If you would like to turn off the password manager go to brave://settings/passwords > Offer to save passwords/ Auto Sign-in > turn them off.

Let me know if that works.


I guess the answer is already posted above.

I would just like to add that you are confusing password manager with auto fill. What browsers do (Brave and others) is to store your passwords and use them to auto-fiil login forms. A browser is not a password manager.

A password manager allows you to store passwords in a safe/encrypted manner that is hard to break. They may also allow you to copy or auto-fill passwords forms. Most allow you to synch your data in the cloud in order to have access to it anytime/anywehre.

What browsers do is saving your passwords locally in order to auto-fill login forms without extra features. A browser IS NOT A PASSWORD MANAGER.

And it should never be. Because a browser is intended to be constantly connected to Internet. A password manager not at all, to prevent hackers accessing your passwords.

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