[HELP & SUGGESTION] Brave PC nagging password prompt stop please

[PL] Jak się pozbyć tego natrętnego gówna? Mam dwa hasła zapisane pod jeden serwis i nie chcę aktualizować haseł w taki sposób.
Powinno być coś w stylu “[v] Do not show this prompt anymore” lub Flaga w ustawieniach.

[EN] I have two passwords for one service (I have reason) and I don’t want to tell the browser that I do not want to update it all the time (because one is stored there and the second I remember and when I type the second it wants to replace the stored password).
Is there any flag to get rid of that prompt, or again, you did something annoying without consulting it with your community?


Hello @Thurston, thank you for reaching us out. For more information, please read:


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